Enamel Pin Grading Guide

Each pin is unique in their own way. They are all handmade, from filling the enamel to polishing the metal, do keep in mind that each pin may not be perfect.

Imperfections may be visible upon close-up inspection or viewing the pin under the light in a specific angle

♡ Standard Pins
Imperfections may include the following:

  • Slightly low filling
  • Very minor scratches or scruffs on surfaces
  • Tiny pores (looks like bubbles) or faint dust in enamel
  • Minor discolouration or unevenness in the metal
  • Slight misalignment

♡ Seconds Pins
These pins have one or more noticeable flaws

  • Misaligned printing
  • Deep scratches, scruffs. or excess enamel on surfaces
  • Low fillings in larger or visually prominent areas
  • Obvious discolouration

Hope they find a loving home despite their imperfections :)